Pretty good day…..I might say.

Wow, today was actually a really good day.  I spent the whole day in the toddlers having fun with those lil boogers.  We may have had some small issues with a few getting into things, or biting each other and maybe a few pushing and pulling…but that is expectant out of these lil creatures.   We do have one lil girl who is getting her back teeth in, so she is miserable and cries every ten to fifteen minutes, but it doesn’t last long.  My co-worker had some Mother’s Day crafts to do with the children, and while she was doing that I either changed a few diapers or was playing with them….to get them out of her hair while she worked with them one on one.  I made sure she daily sheets were also filled out and each of the children’s parents took them home.  We also cleaned the changing table after each diaper change and we both took turns cleaning the classroom.  I’m doing my best to get things done while Aubrey is on vacation for the seven days.  Trying to keep the children active, out of trouble and having more play time with them, not sitting around and letting the toddlers run around and get into everything.  I’m just hoping to turn things around in there and make it better.  

Tomorrow is Friday, and It looks like I might have either one or two toddlers…depending on if this one lil girl even shows up.  She hasn’t been here all week and nobody even bothered to call in to let us know.  It appears this post will be a short one, especially since nothing really happened today….nothing really to complain about.  Until then…..


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