Emily and Will

Well, I didn’t get the chance to post anything yesterday….got kinda busy after work and by the time I got home, I didn’t feel like doing much.  Overall it was a pretty decent day yesterday….the crier didn’t cry, but he didn’t sleep either, which is fine by me just as long he isn’t freaking crying like he was.  Today was the same too.  He didn’t cry and he did sleep.  In fact I promised to give him three stickers if he actually took a nap, and by golly he did.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe he should be rewarded for not crying….after all he didn’t cry almost the whole school year….but his cry is down right annoying, I just didn’t know how much more I could take of it, and of him keeping my other kids awake as well.  So if I have to give him stickers to get his lil ass quiet then I will.  I have to remind myself only two more weeks left and then he’s gone.

I was thinking earlier how I’m looking forward to the summer but also dreading it as well.  Some of our problem children will be leaving but then some of our biggest problem children will be staying all day instead of half days.  The two of our biggest problem children are Emily and Will.  Emily is in preschool and Will is suppose to be in Kindergarten.  About two months into the school year, the school decided that Will wasn’t mentally ready for Kindergarten.  He has a hard time following simple instructions, he can’t keep his hands to himself, and overall I can’t stand the kid.  You can sit there and watch him smack a child, and right after him smacking the child and you call him on it, he looks at you like you’re stupid and tries to say he didn’t do anything.  But he has that other look like he really believes he didn’t do anything so I’m not sure what the hell is going on with him.

Emily I believe has some major mental illness going on, but until daddy pulls his head out of his ass and realize she’s not normal she’s not going to get the proper care that she really needs.  I’ve never seen a child whose face really changes with her moods.  She can be really sweet and loving one minute, and within a blink of an eye she has a look like she wants you out of her sight so she will do whatever it takes to make you go away.  Except we can’t go away, so she follows you around the room screaming at you.  Telling you to go away and leave her alone and your a meanie.  And I will leave her alone, in fact I will walk away from her but yet she will follow me around the room.  When I first met her and started seeing her tantrums, that’s exactly what I thought they were.  I thought, hey here is another spoiled little girl who is being raised like her shit don’t stink and she gets everything she wants.  But over time it has become clear there is much more deeper issues going on.  A spoiled kid will usually throw tantrums over not getting a certain toy, or having to share something with another child, but Emily is all that and more.  She could be happy, happy, joy, joy and if you sneeze the wrong way she will flip a brick, and while she is flipping her brick she will scream at the wall.  I really hope one day daddy will open his eye’s and realize his princess needs more care, and she receives the help she desperately needs so one day she can live up to her potential. 



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