Meet Aubrey…..

Aubrey is the Toddler lead teacher….if you wanna call her a Lead.  If anything you should call her, All I wanna do is sit on my big ass teacher.  Aubrey really needs to find a desk job or no job at all.  I’ve heard her make remarks about finding a new job, because this job is too easy….it’s easy because you don’t do anything!  She might get up and change diapers but still she can’t even do that right.  As far as being able to change a diaper yes she can do that….but as far as what state wants you to do before and after changing the diaper, she can’t or should I say she won’t do.  You’re suppose to wipe down the changing table after each diaper change, but yet she won’t.  It especially drives me insane when she brings them in from outside and she leaves wood chips all over the table and on the floor near the table.  She also lacks in the daily log report on what the toddlers ate today, nap times, and diaper changing times.  You’re suppose to give the parents those reports at the end of the time, but for the past several weeks she has been slipping and not doing them or giving them to the parents.  She also leaves trash in random places and leaves the snack food out instead of putting it back away in the snack cabinet.  Our VP seems to think her head is in the clouds because she is getting married next month, but in my opinion I don’t think it will change even after she is married.  I just personally think she is just down right lazy and wants everyone else to do her job but for her to keep her title as the lead toddler teacher.  I’m really hoping to become the lead teacher in there this summer and turn it around.  Right now it’s a fucking joke and it’s embarrassing.

Well I about lost my shit at nap time in the pre-k class.  The damn crier was at it again.  At first I thought maybe he was getting past this crap, but sure he enough he eventually started crying again. Grrrrrrr.  Nothing I said or anyone else seemed to work with him, in fact every time we would try to talk to him he cried even louder.  Some of the other children laying near him started to complain that they couldn’t go to sleep because he was too damn loud!  I eventually texted our other pre-k teacher and informed her that I wasn’t sure how much more I could take of this until school was out.  I eventually ended up texting his mother, and like the rest of us, she cannot figure out what his problem is, why all of a sudden he is doing this.  He won’t exactly tell you why, and she believes he is playing some kind of game with them.  So she came and picked him up faster than she normally would and had a talk with him.  She even brought him outside to me and made him apologize…and eventually told me the plan the have to help us get through the next few weeks of school left.  Hopefully this crap will work…..because I seriously want to do a swan dive into a brick wall every time he starts to cry…’s so damn annoying.  Other than nap time, today was a pretty decent day.

I wish all of our parents were like the crier’s mom.  She is trying her best to get down to the root of the issue and try things that will help not only him, but mainly for us.  She is a teacher herself, so she knows exactly what kind of issue it can be.  I swear most of the other parents either one, don’t give a crap or two think we are all full of shit.  If we could record them without getting in trouble with state then we all would do it and shove it in the parents faces….but knowing these parents, they would probably still deny it and try to say we were provoking their child in some way.    I have had a parent tell me that another teacher and I must have provoked his daughter…..but I will save that for another time as well.  I’m going to have a nice red wine and mentally try to prepare myself for tomorrow….I have a feeling it’s going to be a long one.



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