Well I was hoping since it was Friday that things would go good…..but I guess not!  Everything was honky dory until we had some chick come in a do an observation.  Observation in childcare is where a teacher or soon to be lead teacher has to go around to different daycare facilities and sit for 2 1/2 hours and watch what other teachers do in their classrooms.  You need 10 observation hours all together.  Well, I took the pre-k kids outside to play before lunch and nap time.  This chick sat across the playground from me and an aid.  Two of our boys were playing kinda rough with each other, chasing each other around the playground.  I one point one of the boy’s fell so I went over, didn’t make a big deal about it because I knew he wasn’t seriously hurt and I didn’t want him to start crying.  I told the boys they may chase each other and play tag, but no fighting as in play punching and what not.  I could not keep my eye’s on them at all times because I had other children coming up to me either crying or tattling and then I had the girl who likes to throw fits and run out of the classrooms, crying about everything little thing while trying to play.  I cannot not be everywhere or see everything as some school teachers know.   Well, I guess this chick went inside and told our VP that I was letting the two boys fight and letting other children push and pull each other off the slides……BULLSHIT!!!  If I could see everything and be everywhere with 20 children then that would be one thing, but I can’t.  That’s why we have aids or other lead teachers with us.  And still we can’t always see and hear everything when dealing with children who have our attention.  This heffer sat across the playground away from us,  she could not hear what I was saying or what I was even looking at or dealing with.  It might have appeared to her that way, but she should have said something to me.   Teachers and even parents know, you can tell kids all day long not to do something, but when your back is turned they do it anyways….no matter how many times you’ve told them.  I eventually had a talk with the two boys and asked them why they still play hit when I had told them twice to keep their hands to themselves….the boys response were, “we didn’t hear you.”  Always, always the same answer….or I don’t know, is what I get the most.  Days like these are the days I wished I still smoked cigarettes, believe it or not smoking did help me to calm my nerves.

Since I’m in pre-k today, I have the damn crier.  And like always, he started his damn crying at nap.  I found out from another teacher this morning that he has been getting his butt spanked everyday because of this.  Obviously it does no good….cause he’s still crying like a baby.  I sent a message to our VP that I wasn’t in the mood to deal with him, so another teacher came back and removed him from class.  He was gone for almost twenty minutes and then returned to his mat with a few books to read.  He just needs to take his ass home….because I’m not in the mood to deal with him and a few other problem children today.  That heffer just ruined my whole day with her bullshit….hopefully I don’t see her ass on the streets, because I will have a few choice words for her.

I didn’t even bother finishing this blog on Friday, because…well….I just didn’t feel like it.  So instead, after work was over I met a few friends at a bar and grill and had a few drinks.  So now here I am on a Sunday afternoon, waiting on the laundry to get done and then I must run a few errands.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this coming up week will be much better than last.  Hopefully no one calls in sick so I don’t have to cover for them.  Just thinking about Monday is making me sleepy….If I could get away with just standing in a classroom with my eye’s closed, I would.


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