It’s Thursday….Meet Miss Red.

thToday is Thursday,  and before I left yesterday I was told my shift will be a normal shift.  Normal as in my hours and not working overtime.  But when I got here this morning I heard from another teacher that one of our staff members were trying to call in sick.  Ugh.  Which means, more than likely I will be going all over the place today.  Sometimes I don’t mind, but it seems like it’s becoming an everyday thing for the past several weeks.  Especially ever since our preschool teacher up and quit in February.  She claimed that another place she applied for before here finally got a hold of her and wanted her to work for them.   Instead of coming in or even a phone call to our VP she emailed her over the weekend to inform her she will not be returning.  In my opinion I think she is full of shit.  I believe she couldn’t handle her position and she let our cook here get to her. Miss Red is what I will call our cook.  She reminds me of Red off of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.   In case you haven’t watched the show, Red was the name of the cook on the show.  She was Russian and she had a mouth on her.  Miss Red here isn’t Russian, but she has a mouth on her and she butts into all the classrooms and bosses the children around.  She is very opinionated and half the time you want to stab her with a mixing spoon.

Miss Red started out as our cook and cleaner.  But she decided she didn’t make enough to come back in the afternoon to clean the place.  So she dropped the cleaner title and kept on cooking.  She wanted a raise, well you know what?  we all want a raise plus we have been here longer than you have and we are teachers.  We are all under paid but yet we show up everyday and do way more than what we are paid.  But we do it because it’s our job!  The weird thing about Miss Red is, outside of work she is a lot of fun to hang out with and have a few drinks.  She is down to earth and isn’t a prude.  She drinks and back in her day she would smoke marijuana.  But at work, pretty much 99% of the time no one likes her.  She wouldn’t be bad if she just kept herself in the kitchen and shut her pie hole…She has no filter and if some of the parents heard the way she talked there would be numerous complaints.  She has no experience working in a childcare setting and obviously doesn’t understand there are just some things you cannot say around young ears.  She also likes to run her mouth to the parents of some of our difficult children.  She will tell them what kind of day they had or what they were throwing a fit about.  She just doesn’t understand that it’s not her place to complain to the parents….her place is in the damn kitchen!

Well today wasn’t so bad after all, I got to stay with the toddlers all day.  It was awesome!  I did however hear the crier at nap time, but the lil shit didn’t cry as long as he’s been crying for me, so tomorrow I’m going to ask Miss Pam what the hell she said to him to get him to shut the hell up.  I’m so glad that today went well, I actually enjoy being with the toddlers, the only thing I could do without is the diaper changing.  I just rather sit there and play with them or watch them play.  Wonder what goes on inside their tiny little brains and when they babble what are they actually trying to say.  They almost give me baby fever……..almost.


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