Is it Friday?…..

PullingOutHairBWell I knew today wasn’t going to be easy, since I had to be in preschool all day.  But it was very much so a hair pulling day.  What kind of day?…..The kind of day where you would need 4 maybe 5 big glasses of wine, and a bubble bath with Enya playing in the background kind of day.  Is there a full moon?  Because these children have lost their damn minds.  The morning was pretty decent with a few exceptions of a few girls that have blonde moments and hearing problems.  But when lunch time arrived I learned one of our teacher’s had called in sick, so we had to rearrange our classroom to make room for a few Pre-K students.  That was a fucking nightmare!  The same child who was wondering around crying yesterday was back again in full force crying his head off for mommy.  I can’t figure out what is going on with him, because it’s not like this child to be doing this, and for this long.  As much as I keep trying to talk to him into calming down and explaining to him that his mommy is at work, nothing seems to be getting through to him.  He will just cry even louder.  He cried for so long and so damn loud he was waking up other students in other classrooms.   Finally he was removed from class by the Vice Principle and then later his grandmother picked him up.  Hopefully this evening his parents will explain to him he can’t be doing this when he gets to “big boy school.”

We also have child in preschool, who is clearly Autistic, that will not take naps at all.  He cannot sit still, follow directions or stay on task….oh did I mention he can’t speak at all?  It’s not like he doesn’t try to make words, they just all come out jibberish.  He is a very sweet child, but he really needs some place that can offer him more than what we can.  So when it comes to nap time, we have to come up a plan that will keep him still and quiet so the other children can sleep.  I’m not sure what the other teachers do when I’m not in there, but it has become a routine to let him watch educational shows on my tablet.  If not, he will bounce around the classroom talking his jibberish in a high pitch tone.  But today he was the least of my problems.  I had five extra special children during nap time.  The special kind of children you practically have to hover over them so they will lay still on their mats and fall asleep.  But I am only one person so I cannot do it all…..half the time I have to bribe these lil bastards and sometimes that doesn’t even work.  After the crier left, things seemed to get a lil more easier, with the exception of a few lil girls who kept fidgeting on their mats, but before it was over all were asleep except the boy who watches shows on my tablet.  Just when I start to relax and enjoy some quietness, the lights come on.  Nap time is over.

Snack was fairly easy and so was clean-up.  The lil munchkins were ready to go outside and stretch their legs.  It all went pretty well, until I had to switch with a Pre-K teacher.  Nothing ends a day better than dealing with our girl who likes to scream and run out of our classroom when she doesn’t get her way.  I had her sitting in time-out for hitting another child with a ball.  When she sat down next to me,  I took the ball from her and she got up off the bench and ran away to the gate.  I yelled at her from across the playground to not leave, and while looking at me she unlatched the gate and ran all the way into the building.  She was eventually brought back to me by another teacher.  But when she was brought back she ran down to a corner and tried to climb over the fence.  She almost got over if I hadn’t ran up on her.  I wasn’t about to chase her around the playground with no other teachers out with me, so I did what I had to and that was to walk away…but I kept an eye on her.  She was eventually placed in the Vice Principles office because she decided to keep going with her bad behavior and start fighting with another classmate…slapping each other, the other girl was only defending herself.  We have a field trip tomorrow, and by the end of the day I recommended her to not be allowed to go on the field trip.  Her behavior for the past several weeks should not be rewarded, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t come….actually, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a few cannot come.  

Is it Friday yet?….. 


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