Field Trip….

Today is our field trip day, and I’m really hoping certain children will not be attending.  We still haven’t opened our doors yet, so I’m sitting in the preschool room enjoying the peace and quiet.  Not complete quietness because I can hear other teachers talking and one particular teacher talks louder than all the others combined.  I have a love hate relationship with that teacher.  She can be your best friend one minute and then turn around an call you an idiot the next.  Now she won’t literally call you an idiot, but her tone in her voice when she is informing you that you’re pretty much doing something wrong….makes it sound like she is calling you an idiot.  I’ve hear from other employee’s that she had gotten under some teachers skins so much that they quit.  But it’s going to take more than just her for me to quit.  I’ve just learned to let her words go in one ear and out the other.  Sometimes she can be quite entertaining.  Especially when you ask her a simple question, like a yes or no question, she will go on for ten minutes, and by the time she stops talking…. you have forgotten if it was a yes or no answer.  I especially like watching her talk to the parents.  I just wish I could explain the look on the parents faces when she’s talking to them.  I can only imagine what their thinking, and it seems to be the long the lines of…”hey lady, shut the fuck up…or….are you breathing in between sentences?”  I know when she’s talking to other teachers, you can hardly get a word in….even when she asks you a friggin question.  

I must now pause this….the little curtain climbers are flooding in….God help us……

In a half hour we will be loading up all the munchkins (if the rain stops) and headed to our destination.  So far, it’s looking like those certain children will be going, but there is still some time left for them to screw up and lose their chance.  There are really two of them I”m hoping don’t go.  Neither one of them have any kind of self control….and since there isn’t a day that goes by that they’re not trouble..well then…they shouldn’t be allowed.  And that, is just my opinion.  Call me harsh….but these children have no self control.  It seems these generations are getting worse and worse and it scares me.

Well of course those lil monsters who I feel shouldn’t have come on the field trip ended up going.  But luckily they weren’t in my group….but to be honest I don’t know who was worse.  I had to take care of the preschoolers.   That was also a total freakin nightmare.  We had about five of them who could not and would not follow directions.  I was having to constantly pull them off to the side, get down on their level and tell them what they were suppose to be doing.  And what made it worse was that this field trip was outside.  There was way too much room for all of them to wondering around, especially with not having any fences around them.  

After surviving the field trip, we came back to the school around noon, and then the nap time crier started crying again.  Grrrrrrrrr.  I really don’t understand what his major malfunction is.  He won’t tell you besides blubbering how he wants mommy and daddy.    Other than that, he can’t or won’t tell you what his damn problem is.  But I got news for him, I’m not going to put up with it until the end of the school year.  After about an hour of crying, he was removed from class for a while.  Only to be placed back in the classroom to sit quietly at the table until nap time was over.  He couldn’t even do that.  Needless to say, he didn’t earn his nap time sticker for his chart.  

I did hear some good news at the end of my shift.  The crier and the classroom runner will not be coming to our summer program….two down five more to go lol.  Before I left was talking to another teacher who subs for us.  Like me, she feels we need to get them under control while they’re this age.  They need to be able to sit down and stay seated and follow simple directions.  Because if we don’t, it makes it much more harder on their future teachers.  And trust me, even with just one out of control child, it effects the other children who are eager to learn.  It would be a lot different if we had two or three teachers in one classroom, but we don’t.  Now working in facility, we have a number guideline .  For instant, in preschool we have 10 children to one teacher….anymore than that we have to have 2 teachers.  In Pre-K, we have 12 children to one teacher.   Some might say, “oh…well that ain’t bad.”  And really it shouldn’t be that bad….but when you have more than one children not following directions or need more one on one time with a para or a teacher, it can make for one long hair pulling kind of day.  I’ve read some articles that believe children in that age group should be doing more play time than learning time.  Which, I’m not for or against it, but I feel while the child is still playing, he or she needs to be able to stay on task with what center their playing at instead of wondering around doing whatever they feel like they want to do.  He or she needs to be able to clean up when directed and rotate centers when told.  But majority of them can’t….they wonder around with their fingers up in their noses with a dear in the headlight look.  One of these days I might find some of them sitting in corner trying to bite their own ear……


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