Ugh…..Monday fun day


Monday has come again.  I actually got to come into work an hour later.  Not much has happened so far, I’m actually on my break until noon.  When I come back that’s when the little monsters will be eating lunch.  Which it seems like by the time I get them they are in rear form all hyped up running in circles and making loud noises that I didn’t think was possible.  It seems like the previous teacher gave them all sugar crack.  I am constantly reminding them that their needs to be more eating and less talking.  It might last for 20 seconds, and they’re right back to goofing off.  I can actually count on one hand those that do follow directions.  Most of the time I don’t even bother letting the parents know how much their child gets off task and can’t follow simple instructions, because I will get the usual reply back, “They don’t do that at home.”  I just want to say, well no shit?!  They’re the only child!  I’m just informing you that there are things that we’re working on and can you please work on them at home as well.  But these parents I swear don’t give a shit!

Lunch time was the usual headache.  Same kid as Friday was wondering around the classroom crying for his momma. He kept whining about something, so another teacher ended up calling his mother and she came to pick him up.  But of course, once he knew his mom was coming to get him he stopped crying and was smiling.  I hope these parents are smart enough to talk to their children that they can’t be pulling this crap in Kindergarten.  I really feel sorry for these teachers that get these kids next school year.  We have tried through out the year to get them prepared for Kindergarten, trying to get them to stay focused, staying in their seats and following directions.  But a good majority of them can’t do that.  We talk to the parents and to be honest, I believe it goes in one ear and out the other.  It seems as if they don’t give a shit that their child has a behavior issue.  Or even worse, that their child has some sort of mental health issues. I will talk about that child in a latter date.

There is a female student in Pre-K  who clearly has an issue with following directions, staying on task, and keeping her hands to herself.  We have dealt with her behavior for over a year now.  And I cannot tell you how much I’m going to enjoy her being gone next school  year.  When she gets into one of her moods, she yells and runs out of the classroom and in the hallway.  We have literally chased her around the whole building and it seems like the parents aren’t concerned with her behavior.  Only because she doesn’t act this way at home.  She doesn’t act this way at home because for one, she is the only child, two, she gets everything she wants.  She isn’t competing with other children at home for attention.  I just don’t understand why these parents are so damn blind.  Some act like their children walk on water and can do no wrong.  They tend to place blame on others for their child’s behavior.  Sorry to say, but their not going to be able to keep using that excuse once they get into the school system.  And once professional people tell them that their child has issues, who are they going to place blame on then?  I can guarantee the school system isn’t going to put up with these children behavior as much as we do.  I know I rant a lot.  But this is another reason why I created this blog.

Not only did I create this blog to rant and release some steam, but to also give the world some kind of insight we teachers go through everyday.  Not only with children, but also with their parents.  If we teachers are suppose to shape the minds of these lil ones, get them ready for whats to come, then we need the parents to back us up, and to work with us not only at school but at home as well.  You cannot expect us to help your child, if your not helping your child at home either.  Rant is over tonight, hopefully tomorrow is a good and easy day.  I can only hope, that some certain children don’t show up.


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