Pretty good day…..I might say.

Wow, today was actually a really good day.  I spent the whole day in the toddlers having fun with those lil boogers.  We may have had some small issues with a few getting into things, or biting each other and maybe a few pushing and pulling…but that is expectant out of these lil creatures.   We do have one lil girl who is getting her back teeth in, so she is miserable and cries every ten to fifteen minutes, but it doesn’t last long.  My co-worker had some Mother’s Day crafts to do with the children, and while she was doing that I either changed a few diapers or was playing with them….to get them out of her hair while she worked with them one on one.  I made sure she daily sheets were also filled out and each of the children’s parents took them home.  We also cleaned the changing table after each diaper change and we both took turns cleaning the classroom.  I’m doing my best to get things done while Aubrey is on vacation for the seven days.  Trying to keep the children active, out of trouble and having more play time with them, not sitting around and letting the toddlers run around and get into everything.  I’m just hoping to turn things around in there and make it better.  

Tomorrow is Friday, and It looks like I might have either one or two toddlers…depending on if this one lil girl even shows up.  She hasn’t been here all week and nobody even bothered to call in to let us know.  It appears this post will be a short one, especially since nothing really happened today….nothing really to complain about.  Until then…..


Emily and Will

Well, I didn’t get the chance to post anything yesterday….got kinda busy after work and by the time I got home, I didn’t feel like doing much.  Overall it was a pretty decent day yesterday….the crier didn’t cry, but he didn’t sleep either, which is fine by me just as long he isn’t freaking crying like he was.  Today was the same too.  He didn’t cry and he did sleep.  In fact I promised to give him three stickers if he actually took a nap, and by golly he did.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe he should be rewarded for not crying….after all he didn’t cry almost the whole school year….but his cry is down right annoying, I just didn’t know how much more I could take of it, and of him keeping my other kids awake as well.  So if I have to give him stickers to get his lil ass quiet then I will.  I have to remind myself only two more weeks left and then he’s gone.

I was thinking earlier how I’m looking forward to the summer but also dreading it as well.  Some of our problem children will be leaving but then some of our biggest problem children will be staying all day instead of half days.  The two of our biggest problem children are Emily and Will.  Emily is in preschool and Will is suppose to be in Kindergarten.  About two months into the school year, the school decided that Will wasn’t mentally ready for Kindergarten.  He has a hard time following simple instructions, he can’t keep his hands to himself, and overall I can’t stand the kid.  You can sit there and watch him smack a child, and right after him smacking the child and you call him on it, he looks at you like you’re stupid and tries to say he didn’t do anything.  But he has that other look like he really believes he didn’t do anything so I’m not sure what the hell is going on with him.

Emily I believe has some major mental illness going on, but until daddy pulls his head out of his ass and realize she’s not normal she’s not going to get the proper care that she really needs.  I’ve never seen a child whose face really changes with her moods.  She can be really sweet and loving one minute, and within a blink of an eye she has a look like she wants you out of her sight so she will do whatever it takes to make you go away.  Except we can’t go away, so she follows you around the room screaming at you.  Telling you to go away and leave her alone and your a meanie.  And I will leave her alone, in fact I will walk away from her but yet she will follow me around the room.  When I first met her and started seeing her tantrums, that’s exactly what I thought they were.  I thought, hey here is another spoiled little girl who is being raised like her shit don’t stink and she gets everything she wants.  But over time it has become clear there is much more deeper issues going on.  A spoiled kid will usually throw tantrums over not getting a certain toy, or having to share something with another child, but Emily is all that and more.  She could be happy, happy, joy, joy and if you sneeze the wrong way she will flip a brick, and while she is flipping her brick she will scream at the wall.  I really hope one day daddy will open his eye’s and realize his princess needs more care, and she receives the help she desperately needs so one day she can live up to her potential. 


Meet Aubrey…..

Aubrey is the Toddler lead teacher….if you wanna call her a Lead.  If anything you should call her, All I wanna do is sit on my big ass teacher.  Aubrey really needs to find a desk job or no job at all.  I’ve heard her make remarks about finding a new job, because this job is too easy….it’s easy because you don’t do anything!  She might get up and change diapers but still she can’t even do that right.  As far as being able to change a diaper yes she can do that….but as far as what state wants you to do before and after changing the diaper, she can’t or should I say she won’t do.  You’re suppose to wipe down the changing table after each diaper change, but yet she won’t.  It especially drives me insane when she brings them in from outside and she leaves wood chips all over the table and on the floor near the table.  She also lacks in the daily log report on what the toddlers ate today, nap times, and diaper changing times.  You’re suppose to give the parents those reports at the end of the time, but for the past several weeks she has been slipping and not doing them or giving them to the parents.  She also leaves trash in random places and leaves the snack food out instead of putting it back away in the snack cabinet.  Our VP seems to think her head is in the clouds because she is getting married next month, but in my opinion I don’t think it will change even after she is married.  I just personally think she is just down right lazy and wants everyone else to do her job but for her to keep her title as the lead toddler teacher.  I’m really hoping to become the lead teacher in there this summer and turn it around.  Right now it’s a fucking joke and it’s embarrassing.

Well I about lost my shit at nap time in the pre-k class.  The damn crier was at it again.  At first I thought maybe he was getting past this crap, but sure he enough he eventually started crying again. Grrrrrrr.  Nothing I said or anyone else seemed to work with him, in fact every time we would try to talk to him he cried even louder.  Some of the other children laying near him started to complain that they couldn’t go to sleep because he was too damn loud!  I eventually texted our other pre-k teacher and informed her that I wasn’t sure how much more I could take of this until school was out.  I eventually ended up texting his mother, and like the rest of us, she cannot figure out what his problem is, why all of a sudden he is doing this.  He won’t exactly tell you why, and she believes he is playing some kind of game with them.  So she came and picked him up faster than she normally would and had a talk with him.  She even brought him outside to me and made him apologize…and eventually told me the plan the have to help us get through the next few weeks of school left.  Hopefully this crap will work…..because I seriously want to do a swan dive into a brick wall every time he starts to cry…’s so damn annoying.  Other than nap time, today was a pretty decent day.

I wish all of our parents were like the crier’s mom.  She is trying her best to get down to the root of the issue and try things that will help not only him, but mainly for us.  She is a teacher herself, so she knows exactly what kind of issue it can be.  I swear most of the other parents either one, don’t give a crap or two think we are all full of shit.  If we could record them without getting in trouble with state then we all would do it and shove it in the parents faces….but knowing these parents, they would probably still deny it and try to say we were provoking their child in some way.    I have had a parent tell me that another teacher and I must have provoked his daughter…..but I will save that for another time as well.  I’m going to have a nice red wine and mentally try to prepare myself for tomorrow….I have a feeling it’s going to be a long one.



Well I was hoping since it was Friday that things would go good…..but I guess not!  Everything was honky dory until we had some chick come in a do an observation.  Observation in childcare is where a teacher or soon to be lead teacher has to go around to different daycare facilities and sit for 2 1/2 hours and watch what other teachers do in their classrooms.  You need 10 observation hours all together.  Well, I took the pre-k kids outside to play before lunch and nap time.  This chick sat across the playground from me and an aid.  Two of our boys were playing kinda rough with each other, chasing each other around the playground.  I one point one of the boy’s fell so I went over, didn’t make a big deal about it because I knew he wasn’t seriously hurt and I didn’t want him to start crying.  I told the boys they may chase each other and play tag, but no fighting as in play punching and what not.  I could not keep my eye’s on them at all times because I had other children coming up to me either crying or tattling and then I had the girl who likes to throw fits and run out of the classrooms, crying about everything little thing while trying to play.  I cannot not be everywhere or see everything as some school teachers know.   Well, I guess this chick went inside and told our VP that I was letting the two boys fight and letting other children push and pull each other off the slides……BULLSHIT!!!  If I could see everything and be everywhere with 20 children then that would be one thing, but I can’t.  That’s why we have aids or other lead teachers with us.  And still we can’t always see and hear everything when dealing with children who have our attention.  This heffer sat across the playground away from us,  she could not hear what I was saying or what I was even looking at or dealing with.  It might have appeared to her that way, but she should have said something to me.   Teachers and even parents know, you can tell kids all day long not to do something, but when your back is turned they do it anyways….no matter how many times you’ve told them.  I eventually had a talk with the two boys and asked them why they still play hit when I had told them twice to keep their hands to themselves….the boys response were, “we didn’t hear you.”  Always, always the same answer….or I don’t know, is what I get the most.  Days like these are the days I wished I still smoked cigarettes, believe it or not smoking did help me to calm my nerves.

Since I’m in pre-k today, I have the damn crier.  And like always, he started his damn crying at nap.  I found out from another teacher this morning that he has been getting his butt spanked everyday because of this.  Obviously it does no good….cause he’s still crying like a baby.  I sent a message to our VP that I wasn’t in the mood to deal with him, so another teacher came back and removed him from class.  He was gone for almost twenty minutes and then returned to his mat with a few books to read.  He just needs to take his ass home….because I’m not in the mood to deal with him and a few other problem children today.  That heffer just ruined my whole day with her bullshit….hopefully I don’t see her ass on the streets, because I will have a few choice words for her.

I didn’t even bother finishing this blog on Friday, because…well….I just didn’t feel like it.  So instead, after work was over I met a few friends at a bar and grill and had a few drinks.  So now here I am on a Sunday afternoon, waiting on the laundry to get done and then I must run a few errands.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this coming up week will be much better than last.  Hopefully no one calls in sick so I don’t have to cover for them.  Just thinking about Monday is making me sleepy….If I could get away with just standing in a classroom with my eye’s closed, I would.

It’s Thursday….Meet Miss Red.

thToday is Thursday,  and before I left yesterday I was told my shift will be a normal shift.  Normal as in my hours and not working overtime.  But when I got here this morning I heard from another teacher that one of our staff members were trying to call in sick.  Ugh.  Which means, more than likely I will be going all over the place today.  Sometimes I don’t mind, but it seems like it’s becoming an everyday thing for the past several weeks.  Especially ever since our preschool teacher up and quit in February.  She claimed that another place she applied for before here finally got a hold of her and wanted her to work for them.   Instead of coming in or even a phone call to our VP she emailed her over the weekend to inform her she will not be returning.  In my opinion I think she is full of shit.  I believe she couldn’t handle her position and she let our cook here get to her. Miss Red is what I will call our cook.  She reminds me of Red off of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.   In case you haven’t watched the show, Red was the name of the cook on the show.  She was Russian and she had a mouth on her.  Miss Red here isn’t Russian, but she has a mouth on her and she butts into all the classrooms and bosses the children around.  She is very opinionated and half the time you want to stab her with a mixing spoon.

Miss Red started out as our cook and cleaner.  But she decided she didn’t make enough to come back in the afternoon to clean the place.  So she dropped the cleaner title and kept on cooking.  She wanted a raise, well you know what?  we all want a raise plus we have been here longer than you have and we are teachers.  We are all under paid but yet we show up everyday and do way more than what we are paid.  But we do it because it’s our job!  The weird thing about Miss Red is, outside of work she is a lot of fun to hang out with and have a few drinks.  She is down to earth and isn’t a prude.  She drinks and back in her day she would smoke marijuana.  But at work, pretty much 99% of the time no one likes her.  She wouldn’t be bad if she just kept herself in the kitchen and shut her pie hole…She has no filter and if some of the parents heard the way she talked there would be numerous complaints.  She has no experience working in a childcare setting and obviously doesn’t understand there are just some things you cannot say around young ears.  She also likes to run her mouth to the parents of some of our difficult children.  She will tell them what kind of day they had or what they were throwing a fit about.  She just doesn’t understand that it’s not her place to complain to the parents….her place is in the damn kitchen!

Well today wasn’t so bad after all, I got to stay with the toddlers all day.  It was awesome!  I did however hear the crier at nap time, but the lil shit didn’t cry as long as he’s been crying for me, so tomorrow I’m going to ask Miss Pam what the hell she said to him to get him to shut the hell up.  I’m so glad that today went well, I actually enjoy being with the toddlers, the only thing I could do without is the diaper changing.  I just rather sit there and play with them or watch them play.  Wonder what goes on inside their tiny little brains and when they babble what are they actually trying to say.  They almost give me baby fever……..almost.

Field Trip….

Today is our field trip day, and I’m really hoping certain children will not be attending.  We still haven’t opened our doors yet, so I’m sitting in the preschool room enjoying the peace and quiet.  Not complete quietness because I can hear other teachers talking and one particular teacher talks louder than all the others combined.  I have a love hate relationship with that teacher.  She can be your best friend one minute and then turn around an call you an idiot the next.  Now she won’t literally call you an idiot, but her tone in her voice when she is informing you that you’re pretty much doing something wrong….makes it sound like she is calling you an idiot.  I’ve hear from other employee’s that she had gotten under some teachers skins so much that they quit.  But it’s going to take more than just her for me to quit.  I’ve just learned to let her words go in one ear and out the other.  Sometimes she can be quite entertaining.  Especially when you ask her a simple question, like a yes or no question, she will go on for ten minutes, and by the time she stops talking…. you have forgotten if it was a yes or no answer.  I especially like watching her talk to the parents.  I just wish I could explain the look on the parents faces when she’s talking to them.  I can only imagine what their thinking, and it seems to be the long the lines of…”hey lady, shut the fuck up…or….are you breathing in between sentences?”  I know when she’s talking to other teachers, you can hardly get a word in….even when she asks you a friggin question.  

I must now pause this….the little curtain climbers are flooding in….God help us……

In a half hour we will be loading up all the munchkins (if the rain stops) and headed to our destination.  So far, it’s looking like those certain children will be going, but there is still some time left for them to screw up and lose their chance.  There are really two of them I”m hoping don’t go.  Neither one of them have any kind of self control….and since there isn’t a day that goes by that they’re not trouble..well then…they shouldn’t be allowed.  And that, is just my opinion.  Call me harsh….but these children have no self control.  It seems these generations are getting worse and worse and it scares me.

Well of course those lil monsters who I feel shouldn’t have come on the field trip ended up going.  But luckily they weren’t in my group….but to be honest I don’t know who was worse.  I had to take care of the preschoolers.   That was also a total freakin nightmare.  We had about five of them who could not and would not follow directions.  I was having to constantly pull them off to the side, get down on their level and tell them what they were suppose to be doing.  And what made it worse was that this field trip was outside.  There was way too much room for all of them to wondering around, especially with not having any fences around them.  

After surviving the field trip, we came back to the school around noon, and then the nap time crier started crying again.  Grrrrrrrrr.  I really don’t understand what his major malfunction is.  He won’t tell you besides blubbering how he wants mommy and daddy.    Other than that, he can’t or won’t tell you what his damn problem is.  But I got news for him, I’m not going to put up with it until the end of the school year.  After about an hour of crying, he was removed from class for a while.  Only to be placed back in the classroom to sit quietly at the table until nap time was over.  He couldn’t even do that.  Needless to say, he didn’t earn his nap time sticker for his chart.  

I did hear some good news at the end of my shift.  The crier and the classroom runner will not be coming to our summer program….two down five more to go lol.  Before I left was talking to another teacher who subs for us.  Like me, she feels we need to get them under control while they’re this age.  They need to be able to sit down and stay seated and follow simple directions.  Because if we don’t, it makes it much more harder on their future teachers.  And trust me, even with just one out of control child, it effects the other children who are eager to learn.  It would be a lot different if we had two or three teachers in one classroom, but we don’t.  Now working in facility, we have a number guideline .  For instant, in preschool we have 10 children to one teacher….anymore than that we have to have 2 teachers.  In Pre-K, we have 12 children to one teacher.   Some might say, “oh…well that ain’t bad.”  And really it shouldn’t be that bad….but when you have more than one children not following directions or need more one on one time with a para or a teacher, it can make for one long hair pulling kind of day.  I’ve read some articles that believe children in that age group should be doing more play time than learning time.  Which, I’m not for or against it, but I feel while the child is still playing, he or she needs to be able to stay on task with what center their playing at instead of wondering around doing whatever they feel like they want to do.  He or she needs to be able to clean up when directed and rotate centers when told.  But majority of them can’t….they wonder around with their fingers up in their noses with a dear in the headlight look.  One of these days I might find some of them sitting in corner trying to bite their own ear……

Is it Friday?…..

PullingOutHairBWell I knew today wasn’t going to be easy, since I had to be in preschool all day.  But it was very much so a hair pulling day.  What kind of day?…..The kind of day where you would need 4 maybe 5 big glasses of wine, and a bubble bath with Enya playing in the background kind of day.  Is there a full moon?  Because these children have lost their damn minds.  The morning was pretty decent with a few exceptions of a few girls that have blonde moments and hearing problems.  But when lunch time arrived I learned one of our teacher’s had called in sick, so we had to rearrange our classroom to make room for a few Pre-K students.  That was a fucking nightmare!  The same child who was wondering around crying yesterday was back again in full force crying his head off for mommy.  I can’t figure out what is going on with him, because it’s not like this child to be doing this, and for this long.  As much as I keep trying to talk to him into calming down and explaining to him that his mommy is at work, nothing seems to be getting through to him.  He will just cry even louder.  He cried for so long and so damn loud he was waking up other students in other classrooms.   Finally he was removed from class by the Vice Principle and then later his grandmother picked him up.  Hopefully this evening his parents will explain to him he can’t be doing this when he gets to “big boy school.”

We also have child in preschool, who is clearly Autistic, that will not take naps at all.  He cannot sit still, follow directions or stay on task….oh did I mention he can’t speak at all?  It’s not like he doesn’t try to make words, they just all come out jibberish.  He is a very sweet child, but he really needs some place that can offer him more than what we can.  So when it comes to nap time, we have to come up a plan that will keep him still and quiet so the other children can sleep.  I’m not sure what the other teachers do when I’m not in there, but it has become a routine to let him watch educational shows on my tablet.  If not, he will bounce around the classroom talking his jibberish in a high pitch tone.  But today he was the least of my problems.  I had five extra special children during nap time.  The special kind of children you practically have to hover over them so they will lay still on their mats and fall asleep.  But I am only one person so I cannot do it all…..half the time I have to bribe these lil bastards and sometimes that doesn’t even work.  After the crier left, things seemed to get a lil more easier, with the exception of a few lil girls who kept fidgeting on their mats, but before it was over all were asleep except the boy who watches shows on my tablet.  Just when I start to relax and enjoy some quietness, the lights come on.  Nap time is over.

Snack was fairly easy and so was clean-up.  The lil munchkins were ready to go outside and stretch their legs.  It all went pretty well, until I had to switch with a Pre-K teacher.  Nothing ends a day better than dealing with our girl who likes to scream and run out of our classroom when she doesn’t get her way.  I had her sitting in time-out for hitting another child with a ball.  When she sat down next to me,  I took the ball from her and she got up off the bench and ran away to the gate.  I yelled at her from across the playground to not leave, and while looking at me she unlatched the gate and ran all the way into the building.  She was eventually brought back to me by another teacher.  But when she was brought back she ran down to a corner and tried to climb over the fence.  She almost got over if I hadn’t ran up on her.  I wasn’t about to chase her around the playground with no other teachers out with me, so I did what I had to and that was to walk away…but I kept an eye on her.  She was eventually placed in the Vice Principles office because she decided to keep going with her bad behavior and start fighting with another classmate…slapping each other, the other girl was only defending herself.  We have a field trip tomorrow, and by the end of the day I recommended her to not be allowed to go on the field trip.  Her behavior for the past several weeks should not be rewarded, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t come….actually, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a few cannot come.  

Is it Friday yet?….. 

Ugh…..Monday fun day


Monday has come again.  I actually got to come into work an hour later.  Not much has happened so far, I’m actually on my break until noon.  When I come back that’s when the little monsters will be eating lunch.  Which it seems like by the time I get them they are in rear form all hyped up running in circles and making loud noises that I didn’t think was possible.  It seems like the previous teacher gave them all sugar crack.  I am constantly reminding them that their needs to be more eating and less talking.  It might last for 20 seconds, and they’re right back to goofing off.  I can actually count on one hand those that do follow directions.  Most of the time I don’t even bother letting the parents know how much their child gets off task and can’t follow simple instructions, because I will get the usual reply back, “They don’t do that at home.”  I just want to say, well no shit?!  They’re the only child!  I’m just informing you that there are things that we’re working on and can you please work on them at home as well.  But these parents I swear don’t give a shit!

Lunch time was the usual headache.  Same kid as Friday was wondering around the classroom crying for his momma. He kept whining about something, so another teacher ended up calling his mother and she came to pick him up.  But of course, once he knew his mom was coming to get him he stopped crying and was smiling.  I hope these parents are smart enough to talk to their children that they can’t be pulling this crap in Kindergarten.  I really feel sorry for these teachers that get these kids next school year.  We have tried through out the year to get them prepared for Kindergarten, trying to get them to stay focused, staying in their seats and following directions.  But a good majority of them can’t do that.  We talk to the parents and to be honest, I believe it goes in one ear and out the other.  It seems as if they don’t give a shit that their child has a behavior issue.  Or even worse, that their child has some sort of mental health issues. I will talk about that child in a latter date.

There is a female student in Pre-K  who clearly has an issue with following directions, staying on task, and keeping her hands to herself.  We have dealt with her behavior for over a year now.  And I cannot tell you how much I’m going to enjoy her being gone next school  year.  When she gets into one of her moods, she yells and runs out of the classroom and in the hallway.  We have literally chased her around the whole building and it seems like the parents aren’t concerned with her behavior.  Only because she doesn’t act this way at home.  She doesn’t act this way at home because for one, she is the only child, two, she gets everything she wants.  She isn’t competing with other children at home for attention.  I just don’t understand why these parents are so damn blind.  Some act like their children walk on water and can do no wrong.  They tend to place blame on others for their child’s behavior.  Sorry to say, but their not going to be able to keep using that excuse once they get into the school system.  And once professional people tell them that their child has issues, who are they going to place blame on then?  I can guarantee the school system isn’t going to put up with these children behavior as much as we do.  I know I rant a lot.  But this is another reason why I created this blog.

Not only did I create this blog to rant and release some steam, but to also give the world some kind of insight we teachers go through everyday.  Not only with children, but also with their parents.  If we teachers are suppose to shape the minds of these lil ones, get them ready for whats to come, then we need the parents to back us up, and to work with us not only at school but at home as well.  You cannot expect us to help your child, if your not helping your child at home either.  Rant is over tonight, hopefully tomorrow is a good and easy day.  I can only hope, that some certain children don’t show up.


It’s Friday!  I wanna scream that out loud for the whole world to hear.  I desperately want to hear the sound of nothing.   I work in childcare in case you haven’t figured it out.  Oh I know what you’re thinking, “You’re babysitting a bunch of kids all day, I could do that!” Yeah, if you were watching two or three, but when you work in a facility with ten or more children crammed in a room, at the end of the day you’ll wanna pull your hair out, and by the end of the week you might want to do a swan dive into a brick wall.  I also know what you’re thinking….”If it’s that bad, then find another job.”   True,  but when that’s all you have ever done since the age of 18, it’s hard to get a decent paying job.  Plus I live in a town where if you don’t know someone who knows someone, then all the good jobs are taken or you don’t qualify for the job.  Before working at the center I had applied for numerous jobs for I don’t know how long.   And either I wouldn’t hear back or the usual, “You don’t qualify.”  Besides, I’m good at what I do.  And I do come across children that I get attached too.  Although I get really aggravated  with certain children, it’s their parents I get even more pissed off at.    It amazes me how many of these children’s parents point the blame at someone else for their children’s behavior.  Even if the child has a simple learning behavior, the parents don’t even want to admit to it.  It makes me want to yell at them and say, “your child isn’t getting the proper care he or she needs because of your own insecurities.  Your child cannot grow, until you pull your head out of your own ass and face reality.”

Today was a long and difficult day.  First off, we were short staffed so I had to cover for a Pre-K teacher.  Not hard to do, and this morning was pretty easy because it is Friday and Friday’s are popcorn and movie day.  Which also means less lessons centers and more free play.  But by lunch time we had to combine both Pre-K classes together, which means 20 children in one class with two teachers.  And when you have a handful of behavior issue children it can get way out of control.  Because we don’t have the resources to manage these special children and enough staff to deal with these children one on one.  Especially one child in particular needs a teacher following him everywhere he goes.

Willie has so many issues I don’t even know where to begin.  But there is something about him that rubs me very wrong.  It’s just not because he has a hard time following directions, it’s something more than that and I just cant quit put my finger on it.  Maybe it has something to do with him always wanting to be up in other children’s personal space or as soon as he gets caught pushing or hitting someone he says he didn’t do it, even when you have seen it with your own two eye’s.  Willie has so many behavioral issues, that two months into the school year, the elementary school decided he wasn’t ready for kindergarten.  So now he goes half days with us and half days to a special school.  But on Friday’s he actually goes to kindergarten half the day.  Today he didn’t, because today was kindergarten round-up for next school year, so there were no kindergarten classes today.  So with Willie being at work all day, it made it more of a challenge and more of a headache.

I feel I neglect most of the children when he is around, because I’m always having to keep my eye on him.   And it seems once I take my eye off of him to help another child, something always happens.   There are days when it seems Willie is sitting more in time out than doing any learning activities or social time.

But what makes a day like today bearable are the people I work with.  There are a few people I absolutely enjoy working with.  And when we see one teacher struggling, another teacher will come and try to ease the situation.   Which I feel is a good thing, but we’ve had some teacher’s feel it’s intruding.  But I will save that for another day.  I’m going to enjoy a nice big glass of sweet red wine and watch American Horror Story on Netflix and try to forget about this long day.  I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  Oh and TGIF!!!